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🛸The prime of blockchain with endless possibilities🔭

🛸Primal is the first delegated blockchain that provides multi-chain features with seamless cross-chain DeFi ecosystem which allows instant in-chain (Primal) swap/conversion.

⚡Our Vision🚀

To Power the inclusive global market using peer-to-peer system🌏

Our Goal 🚀⚡

  • Build a blockchain that provides the platform to transact, interact, operate and manages financial and lifestyle affairs.

Our Mission🔭

  • Provide a cryptocurrency aided and backed by global community.
  • Make available a blockchain that decentribute (decentralise and distribute) finance and lifestyle
  • Render services and create products relevant to daily financial lifestyle activities.
  • Giving cross-border solutions that bridges continental trade & transaction hassle.
  • Build a marketplace, hub and grounds for global relations, interactions and communications.

🌟Our Purpose🌏
Promote an unequivocal, safe & secure and swift financial lifestyle environment in the world.

♾️Our Value💰


Primal is a Progressive blockchain technologies corporation that is ardent about the advancement and forward development of borderless/cross-border financial lifestyle with a global community at the core of it. Being Reliable, which assures the community that our service is designed and patterned to Include diversity as one peoples in one global community with a Maestro of creative and novel products and services that adapts to existing norms, sets us ahead for yet-to exist innovations to dictate the standards of information technology. As such, Primal would be the Advantage for our community’s financial Lifestyle where safety & security of finance meets dynamic lifestyle solutions.

This is where Primal comes in: as it will not only distribute, but also deregulate activities and lifestyle by allowing a guide to determine participation and authorities that are valid and/or invalid. This also will eliminate the need for reliance on consensus algorithm.

Transaction history will deliberately be given a window of 60 seconds to track after which will be erased beyond trace. Also, there will actually be no centrality, hence, truly achieving decentralisation.

Scalability: up to 1 billion transactions per second. Confirmations are within 15 seconds

Multichain: ready features of various blockchains for easy and quick access to any blockchain; with a free-flow interaction without borders or barriers and communicate without limitations and breakdowns.

Crosschain: instant transactions, swap and conversion of multicurrencies within Primal chain

Blockchain: a delegated blockchain; first of its kind. A blockchain with no centrality and no dependence on consensus for finality.

Primal will provide all financial and lifestyle services known, and relevant to man in a decentralised platter. Any and every relevant digital and non-digital services and products available will be replicated in the blockchain to provide options and lasting solution to centrality.

Financial service
•Market and commerce
•Trade, swap, exchange
•Sale, listing and so many more!

PLATTER : interoperability, consensus, scalabilty, security and various other services will be provided for chains built with Platter. This is the framework the synchrochain is built on and is a readily available platform for use. Independent developers can build their own synchrochain with this framework.

📡Developers can also power blockchains built with Platter without being in Primal Network♾️

The synchrochain among it functionalities will have a DeFi ecosystem chain that serves as liquidity pool for innumerable currencies. The interoperability of Synchrochain cuts into diverse of blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Polkadot, Tron and several others. Features found in these various blockchains like ZK-snarcks for Z-cash, UTXO transactions for Bitcoin, Smart-Contracts for Ethereum and more will be contained in the Primal Chain as plug-ins.

Quick Peak👀

There are several components that make up the Primal Chain. In fact, the Primal Chain is just a platform for the co-existence of innumerable blockchains and also a foundation for innovative building of novel blockchains as it has an adaptive feature that serve as a “door”. Primal Chain will be used by financial institutions, security firms, entrepreneurs for e-commerce, entertainers for distribution, privacy, and so many more.

Circumchain: serves as the junction of connection and communication for sychrochains and Primal.
Sychrochain: is an independent chain that is either built or plugged to run on the circumchain.
Radius: is like the synchrochain but differs a little as a temporal chain unlike the synchrochain
Gate: a passageway for connecting Primal to other blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Tron and many others.
Premiers: they fix Prime, confirm proofs from aggregators and partake in consensus
Delegators: they fix Prime and select premiers
Aggregators: they collect and transactions, create blocks and proofs for premiers
Observers: they watch and inspect the network and report malicious activity.

It has one main coin and two tokens native to the Primal chain. It is the most unique cryptocurrency and the first non-fiat backed stable cryptocurrency with little to zero volatility.

Prime: The code is PRM. It is the main coin and available to the public powered by the Primal Chain.

Flix: is the fixing token used only for such purpose and not available to the public.

Raks: is the governance token used for qualification as premiers and other governance activities.

The Prime will first be a token on the Binance Smart Chain, being a BEP-20 token. The sales will take place as a BEP-20 token and be listed on exchanges as that before transition into coin in its native blockchain.

Multi-chain Support: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Smart Chain, Polygon, TRON, Polkadot, Cosmos networks and so many more

In-chain (within Primal) instant swap and/or conversion of currencies

One signature wallet to receive coins from any blockchain and store balance in any coin.

Exchanges: centralised and decentralised

DeFi: complete services which includes NFT, insurance, banking, market/e-commerce, trade and so many more™

Operating System “OS”: mobile and PC devices to power and run applications

Software and Application: mobile and PC devices software and apps

Digital Services: search engine, e-commerce, social media, messenger and so many more.

Payment Services: gateway, processor, PoS, ATM and so many more


DeFi projects and/or services
PRM: for any kind of transaction
And other financial and daily needs related affairs

Transactions: transaction fee of other currencies asides PRM within Primal Chain is 0.35% of the value transacted which the charges are converted and taken using Flix: a token that can only be accessed in the Primal Chain. For transaction fee for PRM transactions within Primal Chain is 0.1% of the value transacted which the charges are converted and taken using Flix. Transactions from the Primal Chain to other blockchains transaction fee will be 0.45% of the value of coins transacted which the charges are in PRM.

Revenue is also gotten from exchanges and various services on offer.

Fixing: for every Flix fixed there will be a monthly return of 0.5% return in PRM on every transaction fees.

Liquidity: being a liquidity reserve supplier allows one to earn 0.15% return of coins equivalent in PRM

Swap: every in-chain (within Primal) swap and/or conversion attracts 0.55% each of the coin values swapped from and to.


•Amount (PRM) : Participant

5% : Minting and Collaborations

40% : Sale

40% : Founding Team and Staff

15% : Investors

X : Miscellaneous, Collaborations, and many more will be recirculated based on our strategy

⚠️Note: “x" = figures for amount left from pioneers and/or sale

Funds raised from investors and sale will be allocated to the following:

Development: 52% will be allocated to development, maintenance, security and infrastructure

Marketing: 25% will be allocated to marketing and collaboration

Administration: 13% will be allocated to administration

Founders and Investors: 7% will be allocated to the founding team and investors

Miscellaneous: 3% will be kept for foreseeable needs

Date : Milestone: Task

Q2 : AIRDROP : Community assemblage via minting app and Airdrop

Q3: WALLET : Centralized multicurrency wallet services

EXCHANGE : Centralized exchange to mark end of phase 1 and signify transition to phase 2

Q3: BLOCKCHAIN: Testnet and Live testing

Q4: BLOCKCHAIN : Mainnet and launch

2022 Q4: PRIMAL: Launch of PRM as a native currency

EXCHANGE: Decentralized exchange will be launched to have all functionalities of the centralized exchange in a decentralized model and offer more features!

OTHER DEFI PROJECTS : innovative projects will be created with dates to be announced

Creation of operating systems, software and applications that meet financial and daily lifestyles. Dates will be announced .

MANY MORE to be announced in our upcoming post:

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Primal is a delegated blockchain that provides multi-chain features with seamless in-chain DeFi ecosystem.